1. Annual Summit

Pastors and Wives of the Kingdom Agenda Pastors are invited to participate in an annual retreat here in Dallas, Texas. The retreat offers:

  • A Ministry Tour
  • Seminars on Leadership and Church Growth Skills
  • In-depth Teaching by Dr. Tony Evans
  • Partnership Updates and Initiatives
  • Ministry Panel Discussions
  • Fellowship


2. Technical Support

KAP offers network partners quality technical support for implementing the Kingdom Agenda philosophy in their churches and communities. Technical support covers a wide range of topics that includes, but is not limited to: implementation and consultation of National Church Adopt a School Initiative, discipleship in the church; church organization and leadership; healthy marriage initiatives; ministry development (Worship, Christian Education, Fellowship and Outreach); social service ministry, i.e. The Turn•Around Agenda and more. Technical support is provided in four ways:

  • One-on-One Phone Consultation
  • On-line Inquiries
  • Ministry Resources
  • Personalized ministry Seminars


3. Ministry Discounts

KAP partners are entitled to discounts on ministry resources through The Urban Alternative.

  • 35% discount on Ministries resources (Dr. Evans’ Bible Studies, books, CDs/DVDs, etc.)
  • FREE monthly sermon MP3
  • FREE Tony Evans “premium of the month” upon request


4.  Early Release Materials

Partners in the Fellowship will have first priority in acquiring Dr. Tony Evans’ newly released books, CD/DVDs, etc. at a discounted rate.


5. Partnership Packet

A packet is sent to KAP members containing vital information regarding partnership privileges and books/resources by Dr. Tony Evans.