Kingdom Agenda Pastors (KAP) is a Fellowship of Men who serve as Senior and Associate Pastors. KAP members embrace a common theological belief that Scripture speaks clearly and comprehensively to the issues of mankind. This belief in God revealing Himself in Scripture has been translated into a strategy that seeks to help communities experience transformation. This begins with the individual, spreads to the family, impacting the church, and changing a community (Psalm 128).

It is our conviction that the church, not the government, is the best social services delivery system; it is closer to the needs of the people, offers the largest potential volunteer force, has its facilities for impact programs and offers a moral and spiritual frame of references for making right choices.

We believe that the church should be the catalyst of this change. The formal adoption of public schools is an effective strategy to bring about a desirable change for our communities. Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, through The Turn Around Agenda, has adopted over 54 public schools in the Dallas, Texas area over the past 30 years.




The Kingdom Agenda Pastors is an outreach ministry of The Urban Alternative. The purpose of the Kingdom Agenda Pastors (KAP) is to provide an alliance for like-minded pastors that embrace the Kingdom Agenda philosophy; which is the visible manifestation of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life as reflected in the individual, family, church and community.

The Kingdom Agenda Pastors is not a denomination. There are no governing bodies to which you report. The Kingdom Agenda Pastors will not oversee churches or outreach ministries. The Kingdom Agenda Pastors is a Fellowship which seeks to provide spiritual covering and support for its members.

The KAP’s objective is to provide its partners with spiritual covering, practical biblical education, technical support and tools for developing churches and their outreach ministry. KAP seeks to transform the lives of families and communities from the inside out. KAP welcomes men of God who serve as Senior or Associate Pastors of churches regardless of church size, denominational affiliation, race or ethnicity. All KAP members must be licensed or ordained ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.




The plan gives Senior and Associate Pastors a deeper understanding of the Kingdom Agenda Philosophy and its relevance to the individual, family, church and community. KAP provides comprehensive development for the network churches in these four distinct spheres or areas by which God demonstrates His rule.

Pastors will have the opportunity to go deeper with Dr. Tony Evans as we share greater personal and ministerial understanding and application of the Word.

Pastors who become partners in Kingdom Agenda Pastors are expected to adopt a public school in their community. Dr. Evans believes that this effort by the church is an effective strategy to bring about a desirable change in our communities.


The four spheres are as follows:

  • The Individual Sphere — a model for developing church members into kingdom disciples
  • The Family Sphere — healthy marriages, relationship building and parenting in the 21st century
  • The Church Sphere — strategic leadership, organizational infrastructure, and ministry development of the 21st century church
  • The Community Sphere — a viable social service ministry for the 21st-century church based on the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship/The Turn Around Agenda