KAP Scholarship Initiative:

The Urban Alternative believes that partners with Kingdom Agenda Pastors have the capacity to enhance the local and community ministries of Pastors Nationwide. However, we also believe that many of the Pastors that would benefit from this Fellowship are not financially able to do so. Our annual partnership (which includes the Senior/Associate Pastor and his wife) is $295.00 annually or $25.00 per month for a total of $300.00. Many of the Pastors who are bi-vocational or have a fixed-income congregation, are not able to afford this and that is where you have an opportunity to help and support.

We are asking that you would prayerfully sponsor either a local pastor that you may know of or contribute to our KAP Scholarship fund so that these Pastors may not be restricted by their current financial situations. Your sponsoring a Pastor will have a direct impact on your community as it fosters an atmosphere where the church is not seen as separate entities.