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Walking in God's Devine order with my family0February 20, 2017Details
Desperate Wife and Mother0February 1, 2017Details
Prayer for healing, sickness and deliverance from sin2January 15, 2017Details
Broken4January 10, 2017Details
Peace9January 3, 2017Details
Prayer for healing for sickness and deliverance from sin5December 31, 2016Details
Church Leaders3November 28, 2016Details
For my Family6November 4, 2016Details
Pray3November 4, 2016Details

Walking in God's Devine order with my family

Johnny HolmanJr
That I stay in the will of God, to complete and accomplish what he started in me to share with others and build communities around the world. In Jesus name, Amen.

Desperate Wife and Mother

prayer for my family. My spouse suffers from drug addictions, has cheated on me with a man, has treated me cruelly and abandons the kids and I often. He uses the fact that he makes more money than me against me and just found out I'm pregnant. Completely devastated and lost. praying the Lord convicts his heart and every hidden dark thing be fully uncovered and repentance takes place. being consistent and showing love in spite of all I know is getting hard. we don't sleep in the same bed and it aches waking up in the morning knowing your spouse treats you this way and has taken his love away seemingly over night. I'm angry and heart broken.. I didn't see this place right here coming.

Prayer for healing, sickness and deliverance from sin

Pray for my brother in law (Carviis Rainey) who is very sick and is in need of deliverance. I know JEHOVAH has a special calling on his life and he is under spiritual attack by evil forces. Also pray to help me understand the calling JEHOVAH has for me.


Julianna Darvis
I'm in desperate need of prayer. I losing ground and have lost my family from divorce. Once I renewed my faith in God, my husband back then turned his heart from me and slept around. my daughters has accepted his life and my heart aches. I'm trying to go forward and asking for forgiveness. I'm tired of praying for restoration when he said he has moved on as so should I. please help, I can't live on my own and financially struggling. I work full time but need something better. I'm scared and hurt beyond and thought I can go on with the promise of God's hand on me. please pray for me!


Praying to experience the unshakeable peace and power of God.

Prayer for healing for sickness and deliverance from sin

Christopher Perkins
Prayer for healing for sickness and deliverance from si

Church Leaders

I want to lift up our church leaders, so they will know that we have not forgotten them.

For my Family

Please pray for my family.


Please join me in praying for my son. He is narrowing down his choice for NFL teams to interview for.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.