KAP Partnership

The purpose of the KAP is to provide a viable alliance of like-minded pastors that embrace the Kingdom Agenda Philosophy. The Kingdom Agenda Philosophy is the visible manifestation of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life as reflected in the individual, family, church and government. The goal is to see all of society affected by the rule of God. The annual partnership pledge to be a part of the Kingdom Agenda Pastors is $295 or more, which grants you access to the Leadership Expo and Summit, 15% resource discount, FREE Monthly premium (upon request), FREE Monthly sermon MP3, and support in your journey as a pastor.

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Expectations of Partnership

  • acceptance of the Kingdom Agenda philosophy of ministry
  • ongoing implementation of the adoption of a public school in your community with semi-annual reporting of progress and challenges. Visit the National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative website for more information.
  • participation in the annual KAP Leadership Expo and Summit, as well as promotion of the event to other church pastors in your sphere of influence.


Monthly Donation Partnership

One Time Donation Partnership

Need a Downloadable Partnership Application?

KAP Partnership Application PDF Form:


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Att: Charles Wolford, Bill Collins
The Urban Alternative
PO Box 4000
Dallas, TX 75208